Imagination that Creates

We respect the “zero” field, where science has not fully explored yet today. Creation from zero is always a risk and takes tremendous courage to commit and accept the outcome. This ability to make a conscious, risky, decision is unique to humanity, and we, as scientist, should exploit it.

Think weird, crazy, small idea, constantly, and ideate the simplest experiment. 

Define what you cannot do, then find collaborators. Interact people with different culture and expertise. 

Amplify your small idea, and visualize its potential and promise that inspires.


The goal of our laboratories is to conduct basic research and discovery to commit to next-gen medicine with four major areas of interests include: 

  1. model and manipulate humanity in model systems
  2. understand variations and deviations of humanity 
  3. prevent, alleviate and treat diseases of humanity

Some of our core capability includes:

  • human stem cell culture
  • animal model system
  • gene editing and genomics
  • robotics and automation
  • drug screening
  • deep learning
  • design and art


Research FellowAlok Verma
AlumniAndrew Dunn
AlumniAndy Wong
Graduate StudentAsei Hirai
DesignerAsuka Kodaka
Research InternAtsuki Homma
AlumniAyaka Shiode
AlumniCallen Conroy
Specially Appointed ResearcherChiharu Moriya
Lab ManagerConnie Santangelo
AlumniDaisuke Hishikawa
Industry CollaboratorEri Kawakami
AlumniFumiya Moribe
AlumniHarue Chou
Art directorHaruka Sugawara
Research FellowHasan Al Reza
Industry CollaboratorHikaru Eto
AlumniHiro Nakazawa
Graduate StudentHitomi Yamaguchi
AlumniIchiro Fukunaga
AlumniInkyu Lee
Research InternIsmael Assi
Research AssistantJake Valentine
Undergraduate ResearcherKat Wise
AlumniKeigo Hirota
Research AssociateKentaro Iwasawa
Graduate Rotation StudentKenny (Zijian) Gao
Graduate StudentKentaro Ichimura
Research FellowKoichiro Yoshimaru
AlumniKyle Lewis
AlumniKyohei Sato
AlumniKyoko KITA
Research AssistantMaggie Peddicord
Lab ManagerMari Maezawa
AlumniMarie Saito
Industry CollaboratorMasaaki Funata
Research AssociateMasaki Kimura
DesignerMasako Fujimori
Graduate StudentMasaru Takeuchi
AlumniMatthew Stocker
Administrative AssistantMichiko Mori
AssociateMiho Inoue
AlumniMilad rezvani
Industry CollaboratorMitsui Kkc Ior
AlumniMiyuki Ito
Industry CollaboratorNagaoka
Physical therapistnaohiro murata
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Lecturer)Norikazu Saiki
Specially Appointed Academic Policy ResearcherNorio Takada
AlumniPeiyao Liu
AlumniQuentin Phillips
AlumniRie Ouchi
Graduate StudentRisa Kawauchi
AlumniRyo Okabe
Assistant ProfessorSachiko Sekiya
AssociateSakamoto Keita
Graduate StudentSaki Uematsu
Research FellowSho Osonoi
AlumniShogo Nagata
Graduate StudentShoji Kawada
Assistant ProfessorShozo Nishii
Assistant ProfessorShunsuke Mori
Graduate StudentShuntaro Kawamura
Research AssistantTahlil(Lola) Elzobair
ProfessorTakanori Takebe
Industry CollaboratorTakuma Iguchi
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Lecturer)Toshiya Nishimura
FacultyVivian Hwa
AlumniWendy Thompson
AlumniYasunori Nio
Graduate StudentYasuyuki Kurihara
Associate Professor (Lecturer)Yosuke Yoneyama
Clerical staffYU MORITA
Graduate StudentYuka Milton
AlumniYumi Kijima
Graduate StudentZeyu Xu
Graduate StudentZHANG JIANCHUN
AlumniZishaan Farooqui
Graduate StudentMasashi Okamoto
Specially Appointed LecturerYoshihiro Shimada
Industry CollaboratorYuki Ueda
Research AssistantKanae Ohtsu
Industry CollaboratorPiao Jinhua
Research AssistantMayuko Matsushima
AlumniMariko Tsuruoka
AlumniNoriko Yokota
Research AssistantAkiko Kinebuchi
Industry CollaboratorNarumi Asami
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Lecturer)Maki Kumagai
Associate ProfessorTakayuki Nemoto
Specially Appointed Technical StaffChihiro Funamoto
Specially Appointed Administrative StaffNaomi Maeda
Specially Appointed Technical StaffEriko Sakakura
AlumniMasaru Koido
AlumniAutumn Ferguson
AlumniHiroyuki Koike
AlumniRanRan Zhang
AlumniKirsten Giesbrecht
AlumniAndrew Dunn
AlumniHirokazu Kawaguchi
AlumniTakahisa Matsuzaki
AlumniYuqi Cai
AlumniMihika Sharma
AlumniAndrew Lu
AlumniW. Clark Bacon
AlumniShoyo Hakozaki
AlumniSahar Jallaq
AlumniShodai Togo
AlumniTadahiro Shinozawa
Specially Appointed Academic Policy ResearcherTomoki Otani
Specially Appointed Technical StaffSimon Streib
Technical StaffKenta Nakamura
Graduate StudentHirotaka Tamesada
Graduate StudentSosuke Sakai
Specially Appointed Assistant ProfessorSatoshi Matsui