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Image of this Article

Image of this Article
Painted a scene of membrane fluidity regulated by catechin,
and adhesion sorting.
Direction: Takahisa, Takanrori
Design: Asuka


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Cell Reports cover

Selected as Cover Article
This image shows blood vessels seven days after
transplantation of vascularized pancreatic islets into a mouse
and visualized by Texas red dextran, in white.
The tissue is highly vascularized
and has hormone-secreting capacity.


Zhang, R.R., Koido, M., Tadokoro, T., Ouchi, R., Matsuno, T., Ueno, Y., Sekine, K., Takebe, T.*, Taniguchi, H.* (2018). Human iPSC-Derived Posterior Gut Progenitors Are Expandable and Capable of Forming Gut and Liver Organoids. Stem Cell Reports 10, 780-793 PDF


Stem Cell Reports_cover

Image of This Article;
Illustration Described Reproducing Gut and Liver Organoids from PGEC
Designed by Asuka


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