1st Jun 2018: Organoid Center Strategies Review is online in Cell Stem Cell

31st May 2018: Digitalized Human Organoid Paper is online and featured in Cell Press !

9th May 2018: Self-Condensation Culture Paper is online ( selected as cover )

13th Mar 2018: Human iPSC-Derived Posterior Gut Progenitors paper has published in Stem Cell Reports

19th Feb 2018: Tumoroid à la carte: Path for personalization review accepted and online in Hepatology

6th Dec 2017: Massive and Reproducible Production of Liver Buds paper is now online

20th Sep 2017: Experimental Medicine (Jikken – Igaku) has published

7th Sep 2017: Organoids × Organs-on-a-Chip paper has published in Cell Stem Cell !

24th Mar 2017: scRNAseq paper accepted in Nature ! (in collaboration with Max Planck Institute, Gray Camp & Barbara Treutlein)

9th Mar 2017: Tada’s farewell Best wishes!