VISION: “Create paradigm, Beyond medicine”
The Takebe Lab enjoys developing new technology and implementing fresh outlooks on discoveries that may be ignored, underappreciated and overlooked by the traditional scientific community. The Takebe Lab takes a creative lead for the exploitation and dissemination of unpredictable, extraordinary and crazy paradigm by integrating discovery and technology, eventually revolutionizing science, and medico-health-care paradigm. The Takebe Lab is also lending its support to commercial execution to move forward.

VALUE: “Value of 0: ZERO base potential”
ZERO has its potential for something new, that the Takebe Lab can generously catalyze. ZERO is difficult to deal with as one cannot predict the outcome, and we can provide fearless support for the loss. ZERO needs substantial help, and we can offer diverse professional experience, cultural back ground and responsibility.

Please take extra-moments in your work to do the following beyond your designated role.
1. “Imagine, Small”
Think weird / crazy / small idea, constantly share your thoughts, and try as smaller scale as possible.
2. “Involve, Friends”
Intentionally and un-intentionally interact with members at different sites and discuss your ideas. These inter-national/ inter-disciplinary environments are SO unique and fruitful.
3. “Inspire, People”
Amplify your small idea, and present your big picture to unrelated people, move their thoughts.